• Model Name: MD-100
  • Rated Voltage: AC220V (DC12V)
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Radio Frequency: 500KHz
  • Power Consumption: 8.5 W
  • KFDA Certificate No: 12-139

Features & Applications:

  • MTR Technology Allows Radio Frequency to Focus Specifically on Targeted Skin Areas.
  • Dual Effect 2-in-1 MTR (Micro Thermal RF) Handle.
  • Radio Frequency & Low Frequency
  • LED Color Therapy (Red and Blue)
    • Electroporation Infrared light
    • Blue LED Light
  • Compact Design for Portable Use
  • Easy and Simple Operation

Radio Frequency Treatment:

  • Tissue functions are improved (Cell functions are enhanced).
    • Prompting lymph and blood circulation, and boosting metabolism
    • Eliminating active oxygen and adjusting hormone balance.
  • Treats cellulite.
  • Promotes natural burning fat.
  • Promotes muscle relaxation and helps with pain relief.
  • Improves skin wrinkles and helps lift skin.


At R1 Face we understand the importance of safety standards in skincare treatments, which is why our machine has been designed to meet strictest certification protocols and offering reliable performance. Experience total control over your therapies thanks to adjustable settings that allow you to customize treatment plans from mild penetration to deep tissue rejuvenation. Only R1 face delivers this level of precision in both Electroporation and Radio Frequency treatments!

For estheticians and Spa owners looking for significant facial improvements with minimal time required – look no further than R1 Face!