Spa-quality high frequency facial in the palm of your hand

Do you love the high-frequency facial you get at the spa and wish you could recreate it at home?

The Coopala High Frequency Machine is everything you need for a professional-grade high-frequency facial, available whenever you need it. Coopala has used the latest technology to make this unit as small as possible while still giving you 300 volts with a powerful oscillation rate of 200,000 hertz, top of the line for this sized device.

High-frequency units use an electric current pumped through inert gasses (such as argon and neon) to spark your skin. The electric current safely heats up your skin tissue, promoting cell turnover, circulation, and collagen production. It is also antibacterial, killing the germs that can cause further acne down the road.

The portable high-frequency machine is designed to give you the brightest, youngest skin you’ve ever had.

How do I give myself a high-frequency facial?

You will want to start out with your favorite serum or lotion. The product helps with conductivity, and the high-frequency facial helps your product as well!

The oscillating action of the electrical stimulation will help your product penetrate deeper than ever before. This has an added bonus of increasing the efficacy of your normal skincare routine. Simply attach the appropriate glass electrode attachment to the device, turn the machine on, and place the tip against your skin. Use a “Z” pattern motion to apply the high frequency stimulation all over your face.

People with sensitive skin, or skin made sensitive by recent damage, can use the dial to regulate the intensity of the voltage. Even a low level will help, perfect for making sure your skin is always at its healthiest.

When you’ve hit the areas you wish to treat, finish with your favorite moisturizer and marvel at how soft your skin feels.

Seven included high frequency glass electrode attachments to treat every inch of you

  • Mushroom Electrode for broad treatment areas such as the cheeks and forehead. This will likely be the attachment you use the most. Our standard glass attachment for treating the broader parts of your face and head.
  • Bar/Indirect Electrode useful for décolletage and high frequency massage. The bar electrode is used to deliver a high frequency massage. Spreading the voltage over a broader area with the indirect electrode means you can use the high frequency machine even on sensitive areas, like around the lymph nodes and sensitive parts of your neckline. The lighter your touch with this glass electrode, the greater the massage sensation. Relax and rejuvenate at the same time.
  • Spoon Electrode for targeted sensitive areas such as dark circles/bags beneath the eyes. The pointier design of this electrode helps you get into the contours and curves of your skin, specifically under your eyes and around your nose.
  • Sparker (Zapper)/Spot Electrode for precise sparking and sterilization of pimples. This electrode has the smallest surface area, made so you can pinpoint the pimples or other blemishes you aim to treat. Simply zap the pimples and say goodbye!
  • Rake/Comb Electrode for use against the scalp to encourage new hair growth. The cell turnover induced by high frequency helps circulation to your scalp as well as it does for your face, clearing out dying cells and follicles and promoting new healthy hair growth.
  • T-shape Electrode for targeting areas such as neck for loose skin or double chin. The gentle curve of our T-shape glass electrode will help you tighten your chin and jawline, hugging the curves of your face so no part of your face misses out on the high frequency facial.
  • Body Roller Electrode for targeting areas such as upper arms, legs and back for acne pimples. Of course, acne doesn’t always limit itself to your face. The glass body roller electrode has both neon and argon gasses to help you treat acne on your back, upper arms, or anywhere else you may be afflicted. Kill acne no matter where it appears.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a high frequency wand do?

The High Frequency Facial Machine’s wand allows you to apply oscillating electric current directly to problem areas anywhere on your body. Loose skin under your neck? Bags under your eyes? Acne on your cheeks? The oscillating electric current safely heats up your skin tissue to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

Are high frequency facials safe?

Absolutely. The wattage is only powerful enough to achieve safe biomolecular changes. You won’t even feel any muscle twitch, as the current doesn’t reach past the dermis layer. High-frequency facials are a safe alternative to invasive and expensive plastic surgery procedures or harsh chemical peels and are available in most high-end professional spas. There are no side effects besides happier, healthier skin.


Can you use high frequency every day?

Yes, you can. For particularly troublesome spots, you may use the high-frequency facial machine multiple times a week, but you might not need to. A five-minute session is often enough to see real differences in the quality of your skin.

How do you use high frequency electrodes?

Simply apply the wand to your skin using one of the seven included glass electrode heads. All you need to do is touch the glass electrodes to your skin, and our machine does the rest. Which head you use depends on which area you intend to treat.

Does high frequency tighten skin?

Yes. High-frequency treatments promote the generation of collagen and elastin, two substances that give your skin structure and elasticity. Not only will your skin feel firmer, but your wrinkles and creases will also fill in overtime.


Do high frequency facials hurt?

No. You will feel a tingling sensation, but it will not hurt. Many people actually find the tingle comforting. Our portable high-frequency unit will only bring you pleasure.



Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14 in