2-in-1 Electric Esthetician Bed & Chair

The Electric Beauty Bed & Chair is the ultimate adjustable 2-in-1 esthetician bed and chair for all of your clients needs. A brand new top of the line design gives four quiet motors that lift, turn, angle, and slide all parts of this incredible esthetician utility to fit any position you can think of. It’s a bed, it’s a chair, and it can be anything in between. Perfect for medi-spas that offer an expansive array of services. With a soft, ergonomic design, your client’s comfort is taken care of.

Electric Facial Chair

The default position of the Electric Beauty Bed & Chair is a firm backed comfortable chair, with close armrests and the legs in a vertical alignment. This default position can be reached from any other alignment with the touch of a single button.

From the default chair position, the armrests can be lowered or swiveled out, the legs raised and lowered, and the chair can recline. Combined with the ability to adjust the neck angle of the headrest, this is the perfect electric lift facial bed/chair. The maneuverability allows for the esthetician to get the client’s face at any angle necessary, including completely horizontal. The entire chair can also raise and lower, adding more options at the esthetician’s disposal.

The default chair position also allows easy entry for mobility-limited clients, for which the bed might be too difficult to mount.

Try all the different combinations to figure out what works best for you and your clients.

Electric Treatment Bed

In the horizontal position, the Electric Beauty Bed & Chair feels like a dream. Smoothly transforming from a facial chair to a massage table, the plush foam and elegant stitching contours to any body shape, instantly putting your client at ease.

The head rest transforms into a face cradle with a removable cushion, and the armrests can either flatten or be removed. This bed can support upwards of 385 pounds, and the footrest extends so even your basketball playing clients can feel comfortable.

The Electric Beauty Bed & Chair can be used for procedures, post-op recovery, examinations, massage, and many more. You can buy specialized spa equipment, or you can get a combination electric bed and chair; one piece that does it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Electric Beauty Bed & Chair?

  • Packing size: 58″ x 28″ x 25″
  • Product size (fully assembled): 72″×33″×23/34″
  • Gross weight: 220 lbs
  • Net weight: 194 lbs

Does the Electric Beauty Bed & Chair come in any other colors?

The Electric Beauty Bed & Chair is available in White or Sand.

Does the Electric Beauty Bed & Chair have hand controls?

In addition to the rocker buttons on the side and back, you can buy a hand remote or foot controls separately.

How do I clean my Electric Beauty Bed & Chair?

Because it is constructed with high-grade polyurethane, the Electric Beauty Bed & Chair is easy to clean with warm water, and then dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

What if I have more questions?

Great! We love questions at Coopala. Simply call us at 1-800-890-2802, email us at info@coopala.com, or drop by our showroom in Burbank, California.

Weight220 lbs
Dimensions58 × 28 × 25 in