The Ultimate Skin Care Machine, Your Way

If you have ever felt like you could not find the perfect machine for your client’s facial needs, here is your chance to build it yourself. We offer six different facial modules, each representing the latest in skincare technology. Let us know your dream combination of tools, and we will build it just for you. Make a name for yourself with your unique blend of treatment techniques.


Sound wave technology in the palm of your hand. High level sound waves penetrate the epidermis, using cavitation to jostle your skin cells. This activation increases blood flow and promotes cell regeneration, leading to younger looking fresh skin. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines as well, by promoting your body’s production of collagen and elastin.

Skin Scrubber

A shorter range ultrasonic device, this uses the same principles of cavitation through high level sound waves, but on the surface of your skin. Useful for clearing out pores and reducing excess sebum, the skin scrubber will make your skin cleaner and reduce future acne breakouts. Clearing your pores will also leave them looking smaller, paving the way for smooth, flawless skin.

High Frequency

Using a pain free and harmless electric current, the High Frequency machine module will provide an electric massage. Target your fibroblasts to promote generation of wrinkle-reducing collagen, and firm up your face with an increased rush of elastin. High Frequency facials are very popular for how effective they are in rejuvenating older skin, and skin prematurely aged by sun damage and toxins.

Rotary Brush

The rotary brush has spinning bristles that are used to remove dead skin cells and to cleanse the skin of dirt and sebum buildup. The stimulation of the rotating bristles also helps firm up the skin, and the removal of dead skin cells leaves your face looking brighter and healthier. While it should not be used on pitted or irritated skin, for people with an excess of dirt and toxins it can be a very effective cleaning method.


A companion to the High Frequency facial, Galvanic frequency is a lower frequency that helps permeate the epidermis, allowing for lotions and skin care products to reach their full potential down deep in your skin. Galvanic facials leave you feeling fresh and moisturized, and bring the pep and glow back to your skin. A perfect way to get a full-featured facial.

Vacuum / Spray

The combination spray and vacuum model is a blackhead’s worst nightmare. Use the spray to loosen up dirt and sebum buildup, and then vacuum it straight out of the pores. There is no more effective tool around for precise, target blackhead removal. Combined with the other modules, this is the ultimate tool for preventing future acne.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide which options to choose?

Simply give us a call or shoot us an email if you’re looking for advice on how to modify your Custom Multifunction Skin Care Machine. Our goal is to provide you exactly what you need. If you want help figuring out what that is, we’re here for you.

Do any of these modules complement each other?

Definitely. The High Frequency and Galvanic frequency modules together will offer a complete electrical current facial. Similarly, the Ultrasonic and Skin Scrubber modules represent the full spectrum of sound wave technology. The Rotary Brush and the Vacuum/Sprayer offer more tangible, physical treatments to the outer layer. You can’t go wrong with any combination, but if you prefer to stick to one practice over another, you are able to do that with the Custom Multifunction Skin Care Machine.

Do you offer training for each of the different modules?

Absolutely. We’d be happy to help train you on how to use any of the products we offer at Coopala. Teaching our clients how to give the best skin care possible is something we take pride in. We want Coopala to be the gold standard in client happiness.

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 65 in